Human Hair Wigs – Myths and Facts

Meta: Human hair wigs have been around for several centuries, and throughout these years, we have seen quite a lot of myths related to them.

Of course, everyone wants to look good. But when it comes to human hair wigs, the concern rages up the skies because this is one of the core elements for defining an individual’s aura. So you got to maintain it. Whether you are suffering from a medical condition, or you are just a wig enthusiast, this post will guide you through to make an informed choice.

Factors for determining the wig price

Everyone wants to have a luxury, but no one wants to spend bucks and swanks on it. So what do we do? Well, you need to identify these two things in your human hair wig:

  1. Its grade
  2. Procedure or process of making it

The effort manufacturers have to put in for making these wigs is a critical factor in determining the cost. Moreover, they also have to decide about the quality of hair they are going to opt for, together with the process of crafting hair threads into wigs.

Myths and facts

Apart from every other thing mentioned in this post, here a few myths and facts that you must consider when it comes to human hair wigs.

  • If we take the example of European hair, people often have a misunderstanding that these hair come from the continent itself. Well, the term just refers to the ethnic origin. It does not have anything to do with the actual place of hair collection.
  • We often assume that wig lot is essentially same. For instance, all the wigs for black women are same. But that is not the case. In fact, to a very little degree, every article is different from the other one.
  • People tend to assume that if they order a custom human hair wig of shorter length, they will get a discount. Well, there exists a dual opinion about it and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some people charge more, some charge less and a few of them feel right for charging the same amount for all hair lengths.
  • Wigs are often classified by the reference number of their colors. However, you should realize that these numbers might not be same for every manufacturer. If you have used hair colors, then you might be well aware of this fact.

Where are the trends headed?

Over the last few years, we have observed a considerable increase in the demand for quality, and it is very good. However, this has enabled larger brands to charge an unnecessary premium as well.

Moreover, since the potential clients are getting more and more awareness, they do expect quite a lot, especially in the niche of wigs for women.

The purpose of the use of wigs has given rise to an increasing number of hair transplants as well, which is, of course, a great milestone when it comes treating baldness.

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