Remy hair vs virgin hair

Remy Hair vs. Virgin Hair


Meta: We have seen a spiking competition in hair extensions and every time, Remy hair and virgin hair eat up the market.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, it is impossible that you have never heard about Remy hair and virgin hair extensions. Both of these have their pros and cons but are considered to be the most celebrated products by fashion lovers. If you are a newbie in this niche, then chances are that you might not be quite familiar with these terms so let us have a look now.

Remy Hair

This is a big deal. Remy hair is considered to be one of the premium and finest quality extensions. What adds up to its quality is the sheer factor that these are gathered from a single head. Therefore, the process gives surety that the texture and hair quality is uniformed throughout the length of the strands. Furthermore, it also ensures that the hair cuticles are intact and unilateral, enhancing the quality of extensions to a whole new level. Moreover, by collecting the hair through this process is a guarantee that the Remy hair is long lasting and least damageable under natural conditions.

You might be amazed for how do they get so much hair to make a bulk of extensions. Well, since the demand has increased, so has the collection methodologies for Remy hair.

This type of extension has two qualities, single drawn and double drawn. I have already talked about the single drawn Remy hair above. For the double drawn type, hair strands are collected from an array of users, but the similarity in length and direction are ensured. Since this procedure consumes more time, the price is considerably higher than its counterpart.

Virgin Hair

Quite often, when hair strands are collected, they are sent for the treatment, and in a lot of cases, this treatment is quite worse. For instance, the manufacturers bleach the collected hair and then color in harmful chemicals. Contrary to this, virgin hair is not treated with any chemical at all.

There are multiple types of virgin hair qualities available in the market. The most popular one, which is quite versatile and readily available, is called Indian. Due to its rich texture, you could easily curl the extensions, synchronizing them with the natural appearance of (whatever be) your hair. These are also light and bouncy, adding more to its value and uniqueness.

However, just like your natural hair, virgin hair will also swell and become frizzy in humid weather or the rain. In order to avoid this, you are recommended to use anti-frizz products.

Celebrities always seek ‘the best’ and high-quality stuff. So if you are that much thirsty for the wigs, then you should go for its Malaysian type. The feel is one of the best that you could ever get, and it is shiny as well. But not way too much shiny like a lot of others.

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