Remy Hair – an overview

People are going crazy about hair extensions and considering the latest fashion trends; the demand is quite realistic. But there are an array of hair extension options in the market that it becomes fussy to choose the best option. Talking in terms of durability and price, Remy hair is probably your best shot.

These extensions are getting appreciation day by day because of some very rational factors. As mentioned above, the longevity is quite exceptional for a product of its kind as they tend to last for about a year or so. Moreover, the way its hair strands blend with your natural hair is something to applaud with an open heart. These are synthesized or rather processed hair strands which are mainly obtained from a woman’s head. While collecting, it is important to ensure that all the strands are in the same direction to maintain high quality which tends to last longer than the traditional extensions. It is also ensured that all cuticles are healthy enough to produce the best quality strands and that they are intact.

Remy Hair

In order to ensure these quality standards, the collectors prefer to obtain full hair strands from ponies, where most of them are not entangled. It also guaranteed that the actual ‘remy’ hair would be obtained at the end of the collection process.

Where you get these stands from is not a matter concern as long as the procedure is ethical. All that matters is the quality of strands which are supposed to be processed.

Since no processing is involved in the collection of non-Remy hair and they are often collected in bulk from salons, temples, and other suppliers, they are often not unilateral. Now, this is a grave problem if you do not want to give anybody a hint of what you are wearing. It often makes the texture rough. Therefore, in order to treat this, the manufacturers run the strands through extreme processing and treat them with silicon to give a wonderful and silky overall texture. If you have a reasonable knowledge about hair quality, you would immediately notice the difference.

These over processed hair extensions are sold at unrealistically higher prices, and that is why, after a few washes, the silicon coating tends to wear off.

One of the core characteristics of this artificial hair it to be double drawn and that the strands will never tangle with your hair. If any of these factors are not present, you need to evaluate whether you are wearing the right product or not.

Comparing Remy hair with virgin hair, let us be very clear that the latter mentioned is a collection of unprocessed hair strands collected from an unmarried donor. Now, this distinction is very important to remember because the general public always seems confused between these two types of hair extension qualities.

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