Wigs for Women – A timeline of trends

Meta: In the last few years, wigs for black women have gathered attention. Let it be office, party, or any other niche of life; it has become an essential commodity.

Wigs have been around for several decades, and they were quite popular even a century before. Let us have a look at the timeline of wigs for women.


This time traces back to several hundreds of years. Even at the time of Egyptian and Roman civilizations, a lot of people, especially the women used to wear wigs as fashion. If we particularly talk about the Romans, they were quite specific for the class systems and therefore, used wigs to dish out their social ranks.


Unfortunately, during the dark ages, this unique fashion trend had lost its significance. But Renaissance played a vital role in fetching forth the attention towards the wardrobe. Yes, that was the time when women showed a lot of enthusiasm for crafting their unique wardrobes which ultimately paved the way for the comeback of wigs. Businesspersons earned a lot of profit by embedding jewels and other ornaments on wigs for women.

17th Century

People have been using wigs to cover baldness as well, but they do not know whom to credit. During his reign, King Louis XIIIdid not only spread its use to cover baldness, but it also became a symbol of official fashion. When you see judges wearing wigs, you now know the man to be credited.

18th Century

This was the time when the wigs for women became popular because of the British monarch. Yes, you got it right. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I was always keen to wear her red wig, and that became evenly popular for women all across the Globe, particularly in Europe. Not only was that, but coiffures and toupees also considered to be an integral part of the fashion industry.

19th Century

However, Queen Victoria was not much of a wig fan, and that turned the tide in favor of abandoning the trend that was sent in the previous century. Most of the women preferred looking natural, but even then,a lot of them roamed the streets and wigs for black women never paused at any phase.

20th Century

The World faced an Industrial revolution in the start of this century, and that was the time whentechnology was used to craft some of the most luxurious wigs of that time. A lot of wigs had curls and ringlets in order to enhance the volume of tresses. Primarily, wigs for women were being used in the entertainment industry as part of their costumes.

21st Century

If we combine all of the fashion trends of the previous centuries, we get a comprehensive ‘wig package’ for the current century.

Probably the most popular niche for using wigs is entertainment industry, and that too is mostly occupied with wigs for black women. Moreover, it also aids in curing an array of medical issues such baldness due to chemotherapy.

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